About Us

Il Mattarello is all about freshness,

taste and passion.

Meet Filippo,
our Italian pasta maker...

101% Italian, born in Ravenna, a province of Emilia-Romagna region, and lived most of his life in Russi, a small town so-called “center of Romagna”. His region is where many of the well known Italian delicacies around the world came from.
Think about Parmigiano Reggiano, Lasagne, Mortadella,Parma Ham, Ragù alla Bolognese, Cappelletti, Tortellini, Modena Balsamic Vinegar and you will get why it’s a fabolous place!
Passionate about his own regional food, he spent most of his childhood in his family’s local Deli shop, learning the authentic countryside cuisine from his Grandma and his Mom, like a family heritage.

...and Catherine,
the HK own fresh pasta maker!

Catherine always liked to cook and experience new recipes. From traditional Chinese style dishes, to western bakery or cakes and dessert, there is nothing that she doesn’t like to try! Fast learner and hyper organized, is the perfect balance to Filippo’s italian “rustic and romantic” way of cooking!
She mastered how to make Fresh Pasta from Filippo’s family in a incredibly short time, a true talent at work! For this, the was awarded the title of “Chinese Azdòra” by Filippo’s mum, a typical Romagna nickname for the most important woman in the house!

Everything of ourselves sums in

When Filippo traveled to Hong Kong on a rainy November, becuase of some common
friends, met Catherine.
She was just planning to go on a trip around Italy, and Filippo lured her to Romagna
with a promise of a foodie trip around local places off the tourists path.

In January 2013, Catherine arrived in Italy and Filippo kept his promise.
Going up and down among the hills and valleys of Romagna, he showed her a life full
of tasty dishes, rural traditions and cheerful people.

Eager to know more, Catherine started to learn within Filippo’s family how to make
their traditional food, especially Piadina and Fresh Pasta.
It was the start of a nice relationship with Filippo’s Grandma and Mom, that gave her
the chance of back to back trips.

In many of our chatting we talked about doing something together, and how HK was a
good place for food, so we decided that was the right place for us.

And then Il Mattarello was born.
A traditional pasta studio, simple and authentic, in the heart of HK.